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Tourism Economic Impact Assessment - Literature Review Using Bibliometric Tools

Zeli Hu, Jeetesh Kumar, Suresh Kannam

Beach Vacation

How Vacation Satisfaction Shapes Relationship Quality Among Indian Couples

Arun Bhatia, Jeetesh Kumar,  & Sana Maidullah

Enjoying a Meal

“Savoring the Past, Nourishing the Present”: Uncovering the Essence of Multicultural Mealtime Experiences in Senior Living Facilities


Chee Shi Yin (Ellie)

Restaurant Table

Beyond taste: examining sustainable value, perceived CSR and consumer behaviour in the restaurant industry

Wanyu Mou, S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh, Stephanie Hui-Wen Chuah 

Skateboarding at Night

Exploring the factors and spatial patterns of national night cultural tourism consumption agglomeration zones in China

Shanmei Xiong, Hui Wang, Zhenwei Liao,
Rahmat Hashim


Research on Factors Influencing Hotel Consumers’ Health: A Systematic Review and Ways Forward

Yanan Jia, ,Anshul Garg & Peihua Shi 


Exploring the Impact of Digital Detoxification on Higher Education Students’ Learning

Anshul Garg, Amrik Singh, Jia Yanan

Organic Compost

Green Revolution in Hospitality Industry: A Deep Dive into Sustainable Food Waste Management

Md. Tariqul Islam, Jeetesh Kumar, Joaquim Dias Soeiro, Anshul Garg

Domestic Waste Bin

Sustainable Disposal Methods of Food Wastes in Hospitality Operations

Amrik Singh, Pankaj Kumar Tyagi, Anshul Garg

Halal Sign

Beyond halal: exploring Muslim and non-Muslim tourists’ halal food experiences

Jia Xiong, Chia Kei Wei

A guy using a computer in a library

How I Obtained My PhD Admission Letter: A Reflective Interaction-Based Autoethnography

Qing Xu, Chia Kei Wei 

Food Grab

Clear your plate  the impact of cultural values and social influences on intention to reduce food waste among Malaysian consumers

Fei Long, Norzalita Abd Aziz, Chia Kei Wei  &  Huan Zhang

Green Roofs

An exploratory study on tourist perception of green hotels: Empirical evidence from Thailand

Kevin Fuchs, Bruce Prideaux, & Rupam Konar

Two female tourists about got get on a bus

Role of New Era on Information Management of Tourist Guides

Aslı Sultan Eren, Jeetesh Kumar, Gül Erkol Bayram, Marco Valeri

Food Packaging

Green Revolution in the Hospitality Industry: A Deep Dive Into Sustainable Food Waste Management. In Sustainable Disposal Methods of Food Wastes in Hospitality Operations

Md. Tariqul Islam, Jeetesh Kumar, Joaquim Dias Soeiro, Anshul Garg

Digital Payment

Small Steps, Big Impact: Conceptualising the Adoption of Social Media Marketing in Bangladesh's SMEs. AI Impacts in Digital Consumer Behavior

Md. Tariqul Islam, Jeetesh Kumar, Rupam Konar

Thrift Shop

Social Media Reviews' Influence on Spa and Wellness Consumer Choices: Conceptual Framework, Prospective Significance, and Future Research Directions

Md. Tariqul Islam, Biswabhusan Pradhan, Jeetesh Kumar

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