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HUB 1 - Responsible Tourism for Inclusive Economic Growth (SDG#12, #8)

Project 1 - Ecotel

(e.g., water waste, food waste, plastic consumption)

Linked module

  • HOS61504, Hotel Innovation Management

Project 2 - Tourism Impact Tracker

Linked modules

  • TOU62104, Sustainable Tourism Development 

  • TOU61804, Tourism Economics


Project 3 - Productivity of Businesses

Linked modules

  • HOS62004, Business of Hospitality, Food and Leisure management

  • HOS60504, Hospitality Project Management


Project 4 - Journey of Present to Past

Linked Modules
•    TOU62004, Tourism Integrated Project
•    CUL64304, Asian Patisseries and Dessert 
•    BCA61704 Trends in New Media

•    EVT60404 Event Project 

Project 5 - Community-based Homestay 

Linked Modules 
•    HOS60504, Hospitality Project Management 
•    TOU60504, Tourism Business Management 


Project 6 - Cultivating “Power Com”

Linked Modules
•    Public Relations Event Consultancy

•    TOU62004, Tourism Integrated Project

HUB 2 - Tourism for Social and Community Development (SDG#11)


HUB 3 - Tourism for Environmental Protection (SDG#13)

Project 7 -  Pro-Environmental Behavior Of Tourists 

Linked Modules 
•    MKT60204, Consumer Behaviour 

Project 8 - Developing and promoting Eco-tourism

Linked Modules 

•  TOU62104, Sustainable Tourism Development


HUB 4 -  Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism (SDG#9)

Project 9 -  InnoCreative: Hotel Game Changer

Linked Modules
•    HOS65104, Hotel Innovation Management

Project 10 - Digitalization of the Event Industry

Linked Modules
•    EVT61204, Event Technology​

Project 11 - Enhancing customer engagement and experiences in Hospitality Industry 

Linked Modules
•    MKT70204, Social Commerce and Digital Marketing
•    HOS62204, Service Quality Management 

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